1. I've Got Ways Of Seeing

  2. Where Are You When You're Not In Your Body? b/w Pincer Movement

  3. You're A Snow Globe Baby, I Wanna Give You A Shake

  4. She Drives A Mini Moke b/w Guitars Are People

  5. Songs For My Wife
    Gavin John Baker

  6. I'm Frightened Of You Now

  7. Where Does She Belong? b/w A Ton Of Bricks

  8. Automatic Writing

  9. I Used To Think The World Of You, But Now I See My World It Is Worthless/ Bike

  10. Mannequins

  11. Silent Spring
    Gavin John Baker

  12. This Sporting Life

  13. Recordings 2015
    Songs Of My Lap

  14. This Sporting Life/ Creeping And Crawling

  15. Bring Your Noize
    Songs Of My Lap

  16. Escargot To Go
    Gavin John Baker & David CW Briggs

  17. Prisms of Regret

  18. Up Baby Down/ Egg Shells

  19. Sick Notes

  20. Defeats: Volume Five/ Ghost Card

  21. The Man Who Mistook Himself

  22. Wild Hearses/ The Positive Negative Man

  23. Vermilion Sands

  24. Night In The Open
    Gavin John Baker

  25. Why Are We Hiding?

  26. Short Shrift

  27. You Haven't Got It

  28. When I Notice You

  29. The Homemade World

  30. Are You The Only One In Your World?

  31. David CW Briggs

  32. Eyelyd/ The Homemade World

  33. Black Plume

  34. The Wayward, Wilful Ways

  35. I Wasn't There

  36. A Meal For Two
    Gavin John Baker & David CW Briggs

  37. Cut With The Cake Knife

  38. OP-ART Blues

  39. Makes No Sense At All

  40. Abdication Times Demo

  41. Fvtvrist Blves

  42. Your Least Intention

  43. Becoming Strange (An English Country Garden Of Delights)

  44. Magical Thinking Man's Dead

  45. Auto Harp Blues/ Improvisations: Vol 2

  46. Repetition Daze (Demo)

  47. Duality, folk and work songs

  48. Green Light

  49. Defeats: Volume Four/ The Raymond Seas

  50. I Hope You'll Be

  51. Heavily Spaced

  52. Growing Things

  53. DCWB Plays Hills Ov Thee Riffs Vol 1: Beware Ov Those Who Themselves They Do Love

  54. Silly Little Things That We Do

  55. Seeing Blues

  56. Wash this out of your phase

  57. Eye miss you

  58. Getting my thought out of your tower

  59. Out of my mind on dope and speed

  60. Me and you blues

  61. All in your mind

  62. Futurist Blues

  63. Water tower blues

  64. Future recordings

  65. Satellites

  66. Changing arranging

  67. Do you wish me harm?

  68. Shipping Forecast Blues

  69. I cannot pretend to be no more

  70. Radio silences

  71. Further Listening

  72. Hiding Songs

  73. Mary Mary

  74. Ectoplasm Blues

  75. Shroud

  76. Moth man

  77. Subtraction Blues

  78. Omnifolk

  79. The last laugh

  80. Wednesday's Child

  81. I can't always be wrong

  82. Becoming strange

  83. The Watcher

  84. Thee loner folk sounds of DCWB: A country mile

  85. Out of phase

  86. Defeats: Volume 3/ You don't know yourself

  87. Goodbye swiss army penknife blues

  88. The quiet hour

  89. The secret of the telegraphs

  90. The glass bead game

  91. Staircase blues

  92. Eye have nothing

  93. Defeats: Volume 2/ An industrial north of the mind

  94. Defeats: Volume 1

  95. I'm not really here

  96. The Raymond Seas

  97. Further defeats

  98. Check out the snowcat

  99. Back in a mirror

  100. The ghost of the weed garden

  101. Februaries

  102. Dreams of lines come alive

  103. Aviator blues

  104. You're a camera obscura baby

  105. You're not rite

  106. Found Guitar

  107. What became of us

  108. Recordings

  109. Meditation blues

  110. Guitar improvisations 1

  111. When you tell me of my past I cannot help but laugh

  112. The hollow pond

  113. Pedestal blues

  114. Memory blues

  115. The idea of home

  116. Shapeshifting blues

  117. Roundabout

  118. Vitamin D

  119. Bedcrumb trails

  120. Seasons

  121. Nocturnes

  122. Take your leave/ Golden face beseeching

  123. All the songs of singing birds heard by people such a long, long time ago!

  124. Robert Walser e.p

  125. Cat on a high window sill at dusk raining blues

  126. You don't know yourself

  127. I cannot pretend to be

  128. Henry Miller e.p

  129. Coney Island maybe/ Edward Gorey's evil garden

  130. An industrial north of the mind e.p

  131. Indoors e.p

  132. Just because I hear your call, doesn't mean I'm here at all

  133. The Walls Are Full Of Water

  134. I Bid You Welcome No More

  135. Radio Kent

  136. No Blues

  137. Why We Broke Up The Band

  138. Would you tell me what you dream about all day

  139. Who Are You Haunting?

  140. Settle My Hash

  141. Semi Precious Songs

  142. When My Magic's Down


David CW Briggs London, UK


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