1. Omnifolk

  2. Wednesday's Child

  3. I can't always be wrong

  4. Becoming strange

  5. The Watcher

  6. Thee loner folk sounds of DCWB: A country mile

  7. Out of phase

  8. Defeats: Volume 3/ You don't know yourself

  9. Goodbye swiss army penknife blues

  10. The quiet hour

  11. The secret of the telegraphs

  12. The glass bead game

  13. Staircase blues

  14. Eye have nothing

  15. Alas Atlas

  16. Defeats: Volume 2/ An industrial north of the mind

  17. Defeats: Volume 1

  18. I'm not really here

  19. The Raymond Seas

  20. Further defeats

  21. Check out the snowcat

  22. Back in a mirror

  23. The ghost of the weed garden

  24. Februaries

  25. Dreams of lines come alive

  26. Aviator blues

  27. You're a camera obscura baby

  28. You're not rite

  29. Found Guitar

  30. What became of us

  31. Recordings

  32. Meditation blues

  33. Guitar improvisations 1

  34. When you tell me of my past I cannot help but laugh

  35. The hollow pond

  36. Pedestal blues

  37. Memory blues

  38. The idea of home

  39. Shapeshifting blues

  40. Roundabout

  41. Vitamin D

  42. Bedcrumb trails

  43. Seasons

  44. Nocturnes

  45. Take your leave/ Golden face beseeching

  46. All the songs of singing birds heard by people such a long, long time ago!

  47. Robert Walser e.p

  48. Cat on a high window sill at dusk raining blues

  49. You don't know yourself

  50. I cannot pretend to be

  51. Henry Miller e.p

  52. Coney Island maybe/ Edward Gorey's evil garden

  53. An industrial north of the mind e.p

  54. Indoors e.p

  55. Just because I hear your call, doesn't mean I'm here at all

  56. The Walls Are Full Of Water

  57. I Bid You Welcome No More

  58. Radio Kent

  59. No Blues

  60. Why We Broke Up The Band

  61. Would you tell me what you dream about all day

  62. Who Are You Haunting?

  63. Settle My Hash

  64. Semi Precious Songs

  65. When My Magic's Down


David CW Briggs London, UK


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